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We apply automation expertise and machine learning to help our clients solve their most important strategic and operational challenges. Using a combination of proprietary tools and advanced analytical methods, we test the impact of automated systems—and then refine and optimize them. Our team has 30 years of experience delivering value-engineered solutions in the areas of automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

About us

We help organizations realize the full potential of their automated system.

By developing a rigorous understanding of our client’s strategic and operational initiatives, we are able to deliver custom solutions that provide measurable impact.

Each one of our projects is a new opportunity for us to provide reliable, detail-oriented service to our clients.

Value added to clients this year

The bottom line is what matters. We will improve it.

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We can help your organization adapt and scale faster.

Leverage innovative technologies to improve efficiency, reduce costs, analyze data, and minimize risk.

Leadership Team

Richard Schrade

CO-FOUnder & President

Richard is an automation expert with years of experience designing and optimizing automated systems across a variety of industries. He received his BS in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech.

Ari Siesser

CO-FOUnder & Chief Scientist

Ari is an expert in machine learning and supply chain engineering. Prior to co-founding Automation Intelligence, Ari was a doctoral student researcher at Georgia Tech in both the Interactive Optimization and Learning Lab and the Physical Internet Center. Ari received his BS in Industrial Engineering and MS in Analytics from Georgia Tech, and has years of experience consulting across a variety of industries.

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