RNDC Alcohol Distributor Optimizes Daily Decisions

Published on
May 1, 2024


Republic National Distribution Company (RNDC) is the second largest distributor
of beer, wine, and spirits in the US. Their distribution center in Morgan Hill, CA, handles over 3 million cases per year.

They approached AutoIntel for help understand if their new site was capable of adding 20% new volume for their growing business in the region. Further, they needed a better forecast for labor needs, and visibility into trailer departure times.

Challenges they were facing included:

  • Scarce and Expensive labor resources
  • Growing demand with new clients
  • New MHE equipment
  • Resource allocation within a multilevel pick module


We configured a simulation-based tool to analyze RNDC’s real-time order data prior to each shift. This tool provides AI-driven recommendations for the most efficient way to allocate resources and optimize headcount in each area.

Here’s how it works:

  • RNDC’s Operations Manager cuts the day’s orders and assigns waves for the coming shift.
  • The AutoIntel tool reads in the inventory information, orders, and wave sequence information as well as projected staffing availability.
  • AutoIntel’s Decision Science engine provides a detailed analytics report with recommendations through an interactive dashboard so that the Operations Manager can:
  • Determine the best placement for pickers
  • Forecast trailer departure times
  • Balance full-time drivers between outbound and replenish
  • Plan breaks and shifts with wave completion


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